Industries Served

Petrochemical Industry

Petrochemical Industry

RAM Insulation was always confident in what it could provide for the petrochemical industry, and over the years has steadily been increasing its client count by proving itself a contractor that can proficiently insulate the most demanding projects on time and with the finest accuracy. With our broad knowledge and practical understanding of CINI & NIA standards, we will gladly work alongside your team of engineers and project managers to provide the best turnaround time as well as the most precise insulation system with an outstanding appearance.

Food and Beverage

We have had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest food and beverage brands in the United States. With these clients come the experience needed to evaluate what piping, pipe components as well as process equipment in a production area need insulation for energy conservation, personnel protection, product preservation and condensation prevention. We gladly work to abide by the food and beverage manufacturing practices and have a spotless record of performing our work in these production plants while never compromising the precious foods/beverages produced.

Food and Beverage Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry


As life-saving research continues to improve and evolve in the pharmaceutical industry, so does RAM Insulation. As is the case with food production, we take the responsibility of working in these sanitary facilities even more seriously and continue having a blemish-free record while insulating the pipes, pipe components and process equipment for personnel/product protection, condensation prevention and freeze protection. We not only work in existing facilities, but have also provided insulation services for new laboratory construction projects.


During the micro-brewery boom in the 2010's, We also had the honor of being the insulation contractor of choice for some of California's most recognized brewery consultants and brewery construction companies. Although at the time we might not have been part of the more massive brewery construction projects, we are best known for being the contractor who broke the mold and began offering colorful finishes to the pipes and process equipment inside the production floors and the tasting rooms, which later proved to be the thing that began drawing large crowds for tours because of the whimsical pop of color the finishes gave to these engineered systems, and in turn, delivering a more attractive facility that brought profits. We will never compromise on the appearance of the finish work and have gladly provided a variety of payment options and strategies with new and independent micro brewery owners so they also have the same beautiful aesthetics for their businesses.

Brewery Industry
Cannabis Industry

Cannabis Industry

RAM Insulation can proudly declare that we have played an important role in the cannabis research industry by insulating countless pipes and process equipment in research facilities all over California. From large corporations to smaller and even independently owned cannabis investment projects, we have gladly spent time showing our clients the best insulation solutions by providing insight and expertise in efficiently insulating the pipes and equipment for cultivation and cannabinoid extraction. For us, every project is treated with the same level of importance and we are grateful for every opportunity.


From internationally recognized places like the California Science Center to large privately-owned aquariums, RAM Insulation has been a service provider for the protection of many a sea creature. We understand the preservation of the beautiful animals in these environments is of utmost importance, and do our part by making sure the life support pipe systems are correctly insulated. This ensures not only the well being of the creatures in these environments, but also lower energy costs over time for the owner. We are big ocean enthusiasts and would consider ourselves privileged to service your large aquarium.

Chemical Production Industry

Chemical production industry

Chemical Production has many factors that need consideration, but some of the more important ones would be the conservation of energy and the preservation of the chemical process' temperature. These two ensure lower costs over time and avoid heavy losses in production. RAM Insulation understands the importance of making sure this is considered when a project is being evaluated and will never compromise the processes of a facility by providing subpar insulation systems when our client trustingly diverts their attention to other matters. We install the insulation system over your pipes and process equipment/storage vessels that best suit your needs, tailor made to your facility.

Plastics production industry

Some or most plastics require thorough processes which involve both very hot and very cold temperatures. If the insulation isn't adequate on the pipe and process equipment, high energy costs and process failures could start to be a common problem. RAM Insulation can help be a part of the solution. We will ensure all parts of your processing infrastructure are correctly insulated and will prove to be a worthy investment for your production's future growth.

Plastics Production Industry
Cold Storage Industry

Cold storage industry

The name says it all. If it's Cold Storage, it shouldn't be room temperature or even warm. RAM Insulation can do its part for your cold storage business or your cold storage construction company by helping insulate the refrigerant coils and refrigerant transfer lines in a cold storage construction so the temperatures and the energy costs stay low. We've worked with various cold storage contractors and privately owned cold storage business owners. Whether you're one or both, we deal with everyone with the same respect, regard and attention to their insulation needs.

High performance and luxury vehicle industry

Here's where things get interesting. Many supercars, high performance, and luxury vehicles are built with outstanding engines, but, at times, the risk of being burned by manifolds or other exhaust/engine components tends to get overlooked in the manufacturing process. If you like working on your high-performance, luxury vehicle or supercar, or you're constantly at car shows where these areas can pose a risk to others, you want to avoid burns resulting from these areas. RAM Insulation can evaluate your insulation needs even in these instances and can provide custom removable insulation covers for the engine/exhaust components that are not only stylish but can really prevent any nasty burns from an otherwise gorgeous engine compartment.

High Performance And Luxury Vehicle Industry
Cosmetics Industry

Cosmetics industry

RAM Insulation has been part of revamping the insulation in an entire cosmetics facility and has also been a part of the construction of new cosmetics facilities. As is the case with food or pharmaceutical industries, we maintain a clean record of respecting the sanitation in a cosmetics production plant while still providing the personnel protection, product preservation and process pipe insulation. What we also understand is that our work has to be focused beauty too. We have upgraded insulation systems in various manufacturing plants and haven't just provided the practical benefits, but have also made sure that cosmetically the finishes in our work are as attractive as the products our clients provide.

Soap and cleaning products

We started our journey in 2013 and around that time other soap and cleaning product manufacturers were also getting started with their equally revolutionary movements. RAM Insulation had the good fortune of being the contractor that supported these soap and cleaning startups that have now grown into globally recognized brands. We became their preferred contractor and have stayed as their preferred contractor by giving them the most effective insulation solutions for their soap process pipes and process equipment/storage tanks while at the same time giving a finished product so beautiful, it allowed them to turn their manufacturing plants into tourist attractions. If you're an interested business owner, we can gladly schedule a tour for you. Let us show you how RAM Insulation can help you become the next major player in the soap and cleaning industry.

Soap And Cleaning Products